Sh*t Happened 6/29/17: St. Pete pier groundbreaking, Arkansas Ten Commandments-breaking

And a former cop of questionable temperament for the position.

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Welcome to Thursday's round-up of Wednesday's news, some of which may have been inspired by Tuesday's events and actions, or precipitated by chains of other choices and occurrences stretching back even further into the past. It's like time travel! (But it's more like a round-up of Wednesday's news.)

St. Pete city officials did the whole literal-yet-symbolic groundbreaking photo-op thing kicking off construction of the new pier. Huzzah for possibly getting to eat a 1905 Salad in Pinellas County again in two years, maybe.

Manatee County is the latest in Florida to pass an ordinance banning establishments that serve alcohol from towing cars parked in their lots overnight, officially replacing "I don't have $200 to get my car back" with "I don't want to spend $25 on an Uber" as the rallying cry among area binge-drinkers nonetheless willing to wager $7,000 on their ability to get home without passing a single cop.

Speaking of cops, a Pinellas County Sheriff's Office deputy resigned before he could be canned after his phone was found to be a treasure trove of racist memes and porn. On the bright side, this whole unfortunate situation has inspired me to write an insane geek-rap verse that rhymes "corn on the cob" with "porn on the job." I recognize teachable moments, is all.

And finally, that statue of the Ten Commandments erected in front of the Arkansas state Capitol didn't last a day before some guy destroyed it by driving his car into it. Progressive! BONUS: The dude that did it also vehicularly manslaughtered the Ten Commandments statue in front of Oklahoma's Capitol in 2014. It's his thing! Congratulations on knowing exactly who you are, I guess.

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