Sh*t Happened 6/8/17: On the subject of doing it wrong

Hey, not everybody acts like you act.

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See that out there? That's the sun. Let's blow through this real quick so you can tell your boss you must've eaten a rancid acai bowl this morning, then get outside before the storms come back, whaddaya say?

This week in criminal mastermindage: Over in Polk County, a dude already on probation allegedly stole some property belonging to a friend who let him stay over, then tried to sell her her own stuff back. That's not how you do that.

Hey, remember that Tampa woman who was arrested for threatening to kill a parent of a Sandy Hook victim back in January 2016 because she thought that tragic school shooting was a hoax? She pleaded guilty yesterday, and will spend five months in prison. You gotta wonder how many different, infinitely tactful ways her lawyer tried to suggest an insanity defense, only to be rebutted by her assertion that she's sure she saw one of the first responders in the news coverage on an episode of JAG once.

And finally, in China, shareholders in a zoo who are unhappy with the business' lack of profitability expressed their frustration by feeding a live donkey to the zoo's tigers. Employees at the zoo intervened before the shareholders could throw a live sheep in there as well. The shareholders said they weren't just angry about the lack of profits, that mismanagement (and a court's freezing of the zoo's assets) has resulted in harm to the animals, as well. It seems that China has more in common in America than previously thought — people in both countries need to learn to start throwing the management, not the sheep, to the tigers.

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