Sh*t happened 7/6/16: Horrifying Pinellas crimes, John Wilson joins the family business

What the hell happened yesterday?

St. Pete police found the man originally reported last night to have set his girlfriend on fire, and most recently said they were just questioning him and that he was not a suspect. Whether this is true or just a ploy to keep the man — and the victim's family — somewhat calm until his own burns have been treated will probably be revealed when his own burns have been treated and they arrest him for setting his girlfriend on fire.

Speaking of horrifying things happening in Pinellas County, a man who broke into a Clearwater couple's home early Tuesday morning while on drugs died after being slashed repeatedly with a machete as the homeowner defended himself and his wife before police arrived and tased the man six times. I want you to remember this story when somebody asks you if you'd like to snort or smoke something that looks a little like Evil Pixie Sticks with tiny bits of broken glass in it, and you're bored.

And finally, some better news: Retired former Fox 13 news anchor John Wilson announced he is working on a variety of film projects with his sons, who are themselves no strangers to the movie industry. We wish the elder Wilson the best of luck in these endeavors, and hope he really enjoys hearing bad story ideas from strangers at restaurants.

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