Sh*t happened 8/12/15: Tampa's food scene soars, Perry goes broke, beer truck goes crash

"I've heard there's nothing you can't make look good," said the client.

"That's right, sir," replied the agent. "Why don't you tell me what you want spun?"

"Tuesday," said the client.

"Sorry," said the agent, chuckling as he rose from his chair. "Anything but Tuesday."

Travel + Leisure Magazine called Tampa's food scene one of the country's most creative, in what is quite possibly the first magazine article about Tampa's food scene in which the words "Cuban sandwich" don't appear even once. Huzzah! 

Former Texas governor Rick Perry's presidential campaign ran out of money to pay its staffers. Perry's reps assured everyone that superPACs run by corporations and plutocrats will step in to provide the money the politician needs — hmmm, sounds like a publicity stunt to show GOP voters that Perry is willing to be even more Republican than his fellow candidates...

Health officials in Pasco County are offering free tetanus shots to residents who think they might be at risk due to contaminated floodwaters. Sure — after meth, pill mills, obesity, red tide, mercury-contaminated fish, offshore oil spills, venomous reptiles and a lack of cyclist helmet laws, THAT's the thing that's suddenly gonna make Floridans concerned about their health: rain.

And finally, a truck hauling a load of Bud Light overturned on I-75 in Hernando County after the driver was distracted by his dog. No one was hurt in the accident; in fact, factoring the loss of a truckload of Bud Light, about 200 people enjoyed a slight spontaneous increase in the quality of their lives as a result.

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