Sh*t happened 8/26/15: District 7, Tampa retirement, Jacksonville cold-case murder

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It was a wise and perceptive person who once said, "when the middle of the week feels like the end of the week, the rest of the week will almost certainly suck." It's all uphill from here:

Lisa Wheeler-Brown and Winthrop Newton were the top two vote-getters in the primary race to represent St. Pete's District 7 on the city council, and will go head-to-head in November's general election. Yes, there was an election yesterday. No, it's fine, go back to Netflix, they'll fix it it without you — but they're gonna need you to keep your uninformed yap shut when you don't like how they do it.

According to yet another report, Tampa is the best place to retire in the country. Not coincidentally, it's also bee named "Worst Place To Be Under 60 And Need To Drive A Car More Than Eight Blocks In Under An Hour" by me and everyone else who isn't retired. There's a synergy at work here...

An 84-year-old woman fell for a classic scam in a Walmart parking lot, in which she was relieved of $19,000 in cash and jewelry as "collateral" for what she thought was a much greater sum in found (read: ill-gotten) money. People please remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Also, nobody EVER found $300,000 in a suitcase ANYWHERE — especially not a Walmart parking lot. Check out the article, it's got a pretty good rundown of the "pigeon drop" con.

And finally, a 22-year-old cold case may finally be solved: A man suspected of killing his wife in '93 was arrested in North Carolina after her remains were discovered buried under the pool behind their former Jacksonville home. Guess he thought the whole crime had gone ... *puts on sunglasses* ... swimmingly.

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