Sh*t happened 9/28/15: Boehner bails, mega moon (sort of)

This past weekend was brought to you by the color burnt sienna.

Although we don't often get to glimpse the hue in its autumnal context like our northerly neighbors do right about this time of year, the color and its like shades appeared everywhere over the past few days, from our television screens to the cosmos.


Turneric-toned U.S. House Speaker John Boehner abruptly announced his resignation, citing party infighting and an inevitable vote for his ouster, which, though probably unsuccessful, would have further divided the GOP or something. Democrats rejoiced initially before realizing, shit, wait a minute, there's no way in hell House Republicans are going to replace him with a moderate who loves to negotiate with Democrats, of which there are, like three left.


In town for the day, U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson, a central Florida Democrat running for Marco Rubio's Senate Seat, told a group of low-wage workers he'll cosponsor Rep. Keith Ellison's bill raising the minimum wager to $15. See above on the question of whether to hold your breath on that one.


A rare confluence of events brought us the super-ultra-mega blood moon, which the earth has not seen since 1982, and Sunday's gloomy weather let up enough for Tampa Bay area residents to scope it out. It was glorious and all (though not exactly red or orange), but isn't there a rare lunar event, each with a different name, about every few months these days? It's okay if the moon is just full; it's still glorious even without the superlatives.

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