Sh*t happened 9/13/16: Buckhorn backs Uber, Vinik backs start-up, Lochte still a thing

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"Lemme see," he said, reaching out.

"You see with your eyes, not your hands," she replied.

"Not me," he said, leaning forward, and her prim smile disappeared when she noticed the pupils on his fingertips.

At a press conference, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn urged the Public Transportation Commission to vote down new regulations for ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft that many are saying are designed to push the companies out of Hillsborough entirely. And with not-exactly-consumer-friendly rules like a minimum 7-minute wait, it's easy to see why. Meanwhile, a Tampa cabbie just refused to accept a fare in a "bad" neighborhood in favor of continuing to clean the back seat of his car with an old pair of tighty whities.

A St. Pete tech start-up created to track and foster student engagement at universities, Check I'm Here, just raised $1 million in investments from a group that includes Jeff Vinik. I bet it would've raised more if it had a cooler name that didn't just describe what it did, like Broozle. Did you download the Broozle app? You can't, because it's not a thing, but it should be. (Irony: "broozle" means "to sweat profusely due to hard work.")

Tampa's Sunset Music Festival will go on next year, despite the fact that two people died and 57 were hospitalized at the event this past Memorial Day. Festival organizers will make multiple logistical and security improvements in order to create a safer environment; unfortunately, not included among those improvements is "dogs that can actually smell when a person is dumb enough to take literally any drug put into his or her hand." Don't do it, kids.

And finally, surprisingly enduring American punchline Ryan Lochte was accosted by a couple of guys during last night's live broadcast of Dancing With The Stars, forcing a sudden cut to commercial and impromptu apology from Tom Bergeron. Now let's never speak of him again.

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