Sh*t happened 9/15/16: Epcot Food & Wine opens, PTC reconsiders Uber demands

Thursday's here. Hopefully you already sang your secret happy "It's Thursday" song in the shower, before the whole thing started to poop the bed. 

Epcot's International Food & Wine Festival, that annual opportunity to gorge yourself in wallet-emptying a la carte style on all sorts of foods almost as good as the foods you would normally have to go to several different places to get, kicked off yesterday. Gidget, I'm looking at you for the hookup. (Yes, I know a real person named Gidget. She's awesome.)

Hillsborough's Public Transportation Commission voted to regroup and reconfigure its demands on ridesharing services like Uber. Looks like they might be dropping the demands for a $7 minimum fare and 7-minute wait time for a ride, but they're reportedly not budging on fingerprinting drivers. Why not? After all, they fingerprint you for other jobs, like if your job is handling hazardous materials or filing information for the government or breaking into abandoned homes to steal copper wire to sell for meth...

The Rays' 2017 season opener hosting the Yankees will be televised as part of ESPN's Opening Day coverage. That seems... fraught with possibilities uncomfortable to contemplate. It's kinda like sticking a middleweight seventh grader into a revealing wrestling leotard and telling him his first match is gonna be against John Cena onstage at Madison Square Garden.

And finally, for the love of god, people, please stop running your SUVs into buildings. Driving is hard enough without the deleterious effects of alcohol and/or dementia.

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