Sh*t happened 9/21/16: Mosaic disaster blame game, Bondi confident this whole Trump thing's gonna blow over


A story yesterday contained new information indicating that Polk County knew about the August 27 Mosaic sinkhole as early as September 9, though the public wasn't immediately informed. The spin effort here seems to be aimed at passing the buck to the Florida Department of Environment Protection, which reportedly knew about he spill the day after it happened — and the DEP isn't having it, ripping the Times for omitting some mitigating information from another recent story. Mosaic, Polk and the DEP can toss around this bag of rancid dogshit with a lit firecracker in it as much as they like, but if there's any justice in the world, the inevitable explosion will be powerful enough to soil all three parties to at least some degree.

Colorful, dated celebration of consumerism's triumph over the human spirit The Price Is Right will be live at Ruth Eckerd Hall next April. Or this could just be a plot to get some of the Bay area's wizened shut-ins out for some fresh air and spring sunshine. Either way, this is not news, and I died a little including it.

Florida AG Pam Bondi responded to mounting interest in that $25K donation from Trump around the same time she declined to investigate his shady Trump University, denying any wrongdoing. "This is how the system works. What can I say? I'm a crony," she most certainly did not say, but, well, you know. 

And finally, this weird southern Clownpocalypse shit is getting serious. Stay under the streetlights, kids.

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