Sh*t Happened 9/22/17: Pasco road rage, Irma firings, Clearwater mom drinks irreponsibly

Also, never use an ATM again.

click to enlarge Sh*t Happened 9/22/17: Pasco road rage, Irma firings, Clearwater mom drinks irreponsibly

Remember when Fridays actually felt like Fridays? Now they just feel like the line between your job and all the crap you really have to do.

Two women were arrested yesterday after a Tuesday Pasco County road rage incident in which they allegedly pulled another woman from her car and beat her unconscious in the street — for honking at them for driving like shitheads. "That's why I always have my pistol right there in the glove box," said somebody who truly and honestly thinks of that as a solution.

Police found skimmers on the ATMs at that SunTrust branch on 7th Avenue in Ybor that every tourist, nightlifer and neighborhood employee uses at some point. We shoulda converted to a Camel Cash economy back in the late '80s when we had the chance.

Four Largo city employees — each of whom signed an agreement before the beginning of the hurricane season acknowledging they were considered first responders in emergency situations — lost their jobs after not coming to work immediately before and/or during Hurricane Irma. Two were fired, and two resigned in the face of being fired. The city of St. Pete is also reportedly reviewing similar cases. Should the city have been more understanding? Did these people have a right to abandon their posts given the predicted severity of the storm? At what point are all bets off? These are all subjective questions. Here's an objective fact: If you sign a legal document saying you can be fired for doing a thing and then do that thing and get fired for it, well, that's on you.

And finally, a Clearwater mom is accused of leaving her 9-month-old baby in the care of a 12-year-old while she drank beers with another minor. Or, as they call it in certain other parts of the Bay area, "Thursday." (WEIRD BONUS: The Corona brand is mentioned by name three times in this story, including the headline. Worst. Free advertising. Ever.)

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