Sh*t happened 9/29/16: People are terrible and we should be ashamed of ourselves

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"Best of The Bay is a stupid, meaningless popularity contest that sucks."

*wins Best of The Bay award*

"I can tell you, honestly and without hyperbole, that this makes the Nobel Prize look like a grade-school pity valentine."

President Obama officially declared the damage from Hermine a disaster. They say the wheels of justice grind slowly, but you gotta leave and come back a couple of weeks later just to see if the wheels of governmental bureaucracy have turned at all.

Humanity in a nutshell, part one: Jose Fernandez's original team jersey "went missing" during a candlelight vigil for the late baseball player at Alonso High School. Super-classy.

Humanity in a nutshell, part two: "Pasco County cracks down on illegal dumping at charity donation sites." Super-duper-classy.

And finally, those creepy lurking clowns terrorizing the South (and hopefully not with inferior balloon animals that don't look like any animal in all of God's grand plan) have come to the Bay area. Lock up your... your what? Lock up your giant shoes and small cars with a surprising amount of interior space, I guess.

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