Sh*t Happened 9/29/17: Bomb joke goes unappreciated, American history misunderstood

Also, the Rickmobile happened.

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Yeah, I know; it's late.

Some idiot joked about having a bomb in his bag when he went to a Largo Red Lobster yesterday, and so the bomb squad had to come and the restaurant was evacuated and the idiot was taken into custody. Nice work, idiot. That's something I did when I was 14.

The guy who owns Brooksville's Coney Island Drive-Inn is inviting people to come burn their NFL merch on Sunday because he doesn't understand irony.

Do you like Rick & Morty? I think it's overrated, but whatever. In any case, the show's promotional Rickmobile rolled up to the Lowry Parcade on Wednesday, and shit got so crazy the cops had to come and shut everything down. People are weird, man.

And finally, an autopsy report said a 27-year-old died of an overdose of the herbal supplement kratom, making him Hillsborough County's first documented death from use of the herb, which is often taken by people addicted to alcohol or opiates/opioids as an alternative intoxicant to sublimate their cravings. Everything is terrible.

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