Sizing up: what it takes to get into my pants

While swingers seem to have an endless supply of easy access sex partners, sometimes a room full of people seems more like a job than a good time. 

Swinger clubs are fun places.  The social aspect is far superior to any vanilla club.  Since the purpose of going to a swing club is to meet other people and hook up, swingers are more likely to talk to a stranger. 

I found myself recently at a swingers club and faced with the task of finding the right partner for the evening.  The bar had a good mix of people. Many were close to my age. The 20-30-40 something is close enough to be a right fit for me.  I always see some familiar faces at swinger clubs.  Some of these faces belong to people I have fucked, but asa rule Soccer Dad and I enjoy the newness of someone new and avoid repeats.  While we enjoy chatting and flirting with a one time fling, our radars are focused on someone new.  Other faces belong to people we may have seen before on a swinger website or possibly at another club or event. All situations makes it easy to strike up a conversation.  Don't I know you from somewhere?

As much as I am scanning the crowd for that random hottie that catches my eye, the same crowd is staring back as me as well.  Sometimes I catch the same man looking at me time and time again.  It's flattering and a potential opening for conversation, but never a sealed deal.

On this particular night I am in pursuit of a suitable hook-up.  This is where the difficulty begins.  There are many variables I look for to qualify a couple as acceptable for my taste.  After all, swinging is about attraction and if I'm not attracted I'm not going to waste my time.

Looks -  Is he attractive (otherwise do I like his face, teeth, hair)?  Is he well dressed(nice clothing, not sloppy or out of style)?  Is she hot? Is she wearing something sexy (or a neon polyester tacky dress)? 

Confidence - Does this couple run to the bar for a drink before ever saying hello to anyone?  This could signal the need for liquid courage and not a positive sign.  Is the couple hanging around the bar, pool table, dance floor socializing or did they immediately choose a booth off in a corner?  A confident person is 10X sexier than a wallflower.

Status - On premise clubs will give every patron a wrist band much like a vanilla bar.  The difference is if your wrist band signifies bar side only or bar and adult play area.  I will talk to anyone in a swingers club, but when the time comes that my libido is kicking into full gear I will gravitate to those who are willing to play that night. 

Size - It's no secret that I like men with a big penis.  Although some may find this offensive, I size men up based on what I think their penis will look like.  I have had fun with many men with average and even below average dicks, but if given the choice I will pick the big dick over the little cock everyday.  With this in mind, I am naturally drawn to taller or just broader men because they have proven me right more times than not.  There is no fail safe way to select a man based on what my foggy mind thinks is a big dick, but experience tells me that three out four times I will be right.

After going through all these standards and procedures it's a wonder I ever get laid.  The truth is sometimes I do and sometimes I don't.  I'm not overly particular.  You don't have to have movie star quality looks to get my attention, but you can't look like Elmer Fudd either.  That night Soccer Dad and I went home with only the company of each other.  Don't be disappointed though, I still won the prize of the night.  I got to go home with the hottest guy at the bar, my husband! 

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