Slightly used sex swing for sale (how-to photos included)

You may be asking, “If it’s so fun, why are you selling it?”  Because it reminds me of my ex and all those [image-1]wonderful nights we spent suspended in midair fucking--a time when the sex was phenomenal, when we really loved each other and had a strong enough bond to try anything.  I miss that about being in a relationship.  The ability to be uninhibited about what you’re doing sexually. The trust that has to be there so you can be open about your sexual needs and wants with your lover.  Trusting that your partner has securely bolted the swing to the ceiling is the first step when using the sex swing.  He did, the first time.  When we moved, not so much.  No wonder we broke up.

We originally hung the swing in the garage.  We lived with another couple and our bedrooms were right next to each other.  It’s one thing to listen to your roommates having sex, quite another listening to them flying through the air having circus sex.

And the sex, the sex was awesome.  It’s an experience quite like no other, especially the oral sex.  Giving or receiving didn’t matter--it was all good.  It was the perfect height for me to be in the swing with him sitting in a chair.  He’d have my legs totally wrapped around the back of his neck. His nose would be tickling the tip of my clit while his tongue worked its magic on my pussy.  He’d have total control of my hips and he would make my whole body shake.  Since I was suspended in air, I could move in all directions. When I started to cum, no mattress or furniture restricted my movements.  He got a thrill from flying his dick through the air and gliding it down my throat.  I’d catch him and push him in deeper. It would drive him crazy.

Those days are over and so is my need for midair fucking.  It reminds me of the ex too much and that’s that last person I want to be reminded of when I’m with a new lover.  I’m also reminded that my sex life is missing intimacy and trust, but what do I expect, it’s just sex.  What my sex life isn’t missing is an array of  applicants who are unqualified for one reason or another.  Maybe I’m being too harsh?  Looking for too much?  Maybe I should just hang the swing up, get back to midair fucking and enjoy myself.

I have a sex swing I think I want to sell.  Yes it’s used, but does that really matter?  It’s been washed.

I’ve asked all my friends if they were interested in getting one.  Apparently, I’m the only one who likes to have sex while flying through the air.  Or they just don’t want to sit where I’ve had sex.  If that’s the case, don’t sit on my furniture anymore, bring your own chairs.

How many people actual sell used sex swings?  More importantly do people BUY used sex equipment? That has to be a fetish right?  People sell strange shit all the time.  I’m not selling me in the swing, just the swing itself.

(How-to photos after the break. NSFW)

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