South by Southwest 2009: Day 7 (Little Stevie and Dinosaur Jr.)


Little Stevie says, "GO!"

We then dipped out to Maggie Mae's rooftop to catch Esser (also from the UK) before I went to Cedar Street to see Dinosaur Jr., and Ivan ventured to Buffalo Billiards to catch a set by Dredg.

The Dinosaur set was loud, crowded and amazing. The band was joined by a guest vocalist Kevin Drew from Broken Social Scene for "The Wagon." I'll have to do some research and find out who that was. Ivan and I eventually met back up and made a field recording of the walk down 6th St. from Congress to Red River. This sounds really cool on headphones, and I'm sure we'll post it here eventually.

At the end of the night we met Ryan, the drummer for Attack Attack, and I sent Ivan off on the trolley back to his hotel. He flew out this morning. This is my last day. Detailed FINAL REPORT tomorrow. For now, I'm off to see PJ Harvey at Stubbs! 

More to come


Last night around 9 p.m. Ivan and I hailed a cab into downtown and ended up riding in with the tour manager and guitar tech for 90's rockers Smile Empty Soul ("I do it for the drugs"). When our driver dropped us off in front of Lambert's to catch a set by UK artists Little Thief, I realized I'd left my badge back at the house. It's been a very long week.

When I finally got back into town, we hoofed it over to La Zona Rosa where we narrowly missed Camera Obscura (still pissed about that), but got to see a couple acoustic songs by Scottish phenoms The Proclaimers.

Dinosaur Jr. with Kevin Drew (Broken Social Scene) at Cedar Street Courtyard.

I wanted Ivan to check out Red Eye Fly (Tampa residents, try to imagine a smaller, more evil version of Skipper's Smokehouse) and try a pint of my new favorite beer, Magic Hat #9. As we got in line, we heard the final strains and "Good night Austin!" of Metallica's closing number over at Stubbs. It seems the DJ Shadow billing was a ruse and they played that secret set after all. Waiting for a drink at the bar, we met Little Stevie of Springsteen and Sopranos fame, who was hosting the show. One of his bands, The Cocktail Sippers was plying their all-girl garage craft on stage, and as they would stop to catch their breath between songs, he would look toward the stage and shout, "Go! What are you waiting for?" Apparently the years of Springsteen tutelage has rubbed off on him.

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