South Florida Tea Party: America "gang raped" by fiscal cliff agreement

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Here's the full release, which seems to have been sent out in great haste, given the typos:

Press Release: Tea Party Leader Calls "Fiscal Cliff" Bill Rape

Everett Wilkinson, Chairman of Tea Party Command & South Florida Tea Party, said the "fiscal cliff" bill: "America is being gang raped of prosperity by tax and spend politicians and political parties in DC. Future American generations will remember this a theft of their prosperity. According to the CBO, there are $41 dollars of taxes for $1 of spending. We are now reaching a new national debt ceiling and Congress does nothing to cut spending. I sit in shock tonight that Congress passed another bill tax increase bill that no has read and was not even made public. Our Founding Fathers had better representation in London than the crooks we have now."

According to the release, SFTP "has grown into a national organization, Tea Party Command at Current membership is over 300,000 and covers all fifty states. Support is by individual contributions."

Another regrettable contribution from Florida to the world.

Early front-runner for Most Egregiously Tone-Deaf Right-Wing Pronouncement of 2013:

The South Florida Tea Party has compared the fiscal cliff agreement to gang rape.

In a press release about the bill sent late Sunday evening, SFTP chairman Everett Wilkinson begins:

"America is being gang raped of prosperity by tax and spend politicians and political parties in DC."

Gang rape, SFTP? You really want to go there? After what just happened in India? After two GOP candidates went down in flames for their own dunderheaded misstatements about rape?

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