South Korea to castrate sex offenders

public outrage after the government's attempts to install cameras and hire more guards for areas where children congregate did little to reduce the number of sexual attacks on children.

While chemical castration may be more humane than physical castration, there's little evidence that it works. Most likely the Koreans will use an injection form of the drug which is not permanent and requires offenders to receive periodic shots. When the drug wears off the criminals may have a renewed sexual appetite. Also,  this does nothing to eliminate the mental arousal some offenders get from their crimes, nor would testosterone repressing injections work on female pedophiles.

If you're wondering how South Korea can be so inhumane, consider that Louisiana, California, Oregon and Arizona already have laws allowing judges to issue chemical castration.

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South Korea will start administering chemical castration to pedophiles. Offenders nineteen and above who violate victims sixteen and under may be treated with drugs that neutralize testosterone. The Parliament approved the law 137 to 13, with over 140 lawmakers abstaining. Now the bill only needs the President's signature before taking effect.

The bill was a response to

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