Spoiler Corner: Glee, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries and more!

Puck, Artie, and Sam, "Friday" (Rebecca Black)
Mercedes and Santana, "Dancing Queen" (ABBA)
Jesse and Rachel, "Rolling In The Deep" (Adele covered by John Legend)
Artie, "Isn't She Lovely" (Stevie Wonder)
Rachel, "Jar of Hearts" (Christina Perri)
Blaine, Tina and Brittany, "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You" (Black Kids)

Gossip Girl The season finale is finally upon us and still so many loose ends to tie up. Blair will be torn between her new life as Princess and her old life as Queen B. The new girl in town, Charlie, is definitely stirring up trouble in the Upper East Side, and going off her medication was definitely not a good idea. Her obsession with Serena only gets worse as the season ends. The only definite thing about this season finale straight from Gossip Girl boss Josh Safran is no death cliffhangers this season. Thank god, Chuck will be safe from bullet wounds this time around — but a broken heart is just as hard to heal.

Happy Endings This new show is getting some big buzz and I am in love! The laughs show no signs of slowing down and next week we are going to find out about some taboo tattoos. It seems Dave and Alex actually did make an eternal commitment — matching tattoos! Since Alex left Dave before the other eternal commitment they were supposed to make, they will be going to remove this daily reminder of their failed love.

Vampire Diaries The rule for this season finale is that there are no rules, nothing is off limits. It looks like Damon's werewolf bite will not be the death of him but it could mean a long awaited kiss between him and Elena will happen! Don't believe everything you see on this episode though there will be lots of hallucinations and flashbacks — beware TVD fans.

United States of Tara This season has already been quite a roller coaster ride. Tara and her alters have come up with a contract and an agreement about use of Tara's body which has been a huge breakthrough for Tara. A new alter threatens to ruin all of her progress, and this comedy is definitely going to some dark and dangerous places in the next few episodes so hold onto your alters — no one is safe.

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Curious about your favorite shows? Is someone dying? If your favorite couple getting engaged? Hook-ups? Break-ups? Well, here you will find the answers to your burning questions! Enjoy television lovers!


Glee I have one word - PROM! Tonight is the Glee prom, the most magical, stressful and gleeful event in any teenager's life. This prom is going to be anything but ordinary, and will have several special guests. Jesse St. James will be returning tonight, which could mean some problems with Finchel. Blaine is not only taking Kurt to prom, he will also be performing — can you say adorable? Most importantly, who is prom queen? There has been a photo released on Twitter suggesting the rhyming couple themselves, Quinn and Finn, win the most important honor of high school. We will all have to tune in tonight in our finest formal wear to find out.

Keep reading after the jump to find out the playlist for prom tonight, and some great spoilers for your other favorite shows! Jump — if you dare!

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