Squeezing the best from vegetables: juicing recipes that make you glow

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You can’t help but notice that juicing is all the rage today. And I don’t mean just squeezing an orange into a glass. I’m talking about beets, celery, kale, spinach, bell peppers and carrots. Juice bars are popping up everywhere while smoothie shops are slowly losing customers. What gives?

Juicing is one of the healthiest things possible you can do for your body. When you juice whole fruits and veggies you are basically just squeezing out all the healthful nutrients and vitamins and drinking them down. I recently was asked to review the Mercedes Benz of all juicers for my food blog, a Breville Fountain Elite.

This puppy is one strong piece of equipment. I can put whole apples, unpeeled beets, huge chunks of carrot and long pieces of curly kale down the feed tube and instantly, out comes juice. No fuss and no mess. The Breville claims that you can make your juice, drink it AND clean up in only a few short minutes. It’s true! I’ve used my Breville now countless times over the past few weeks (actually, I juice every day with it) and it always takes less than 5 mintues to make, drink and clean with no juice stains on my countertops or carrot flecks on the ceiling. Amazing. Especially for a messy chef like myself.

Here’s some of my favorite juice combos. The first is the one I make the most often, usually every day around 3:00 when I start to feel that afternoon slump. It wakes me right up and I swear has contributed to a new glowing complexion.

Pink Glow
1 beet, trimmed
1 carrot
1 stalk celery
1 small apple, Fuji or Granny Smith
1 inch piece of ginger

Cool as a Cucumber
1/2 cucumber
1 apple
1 stalk celery
1 inch piece of ginger
1 small beet

Green Delight
2 pieces curly kale
1 handful baby spinch
1 carrot
1 apple


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