St. Pete house where officers were killed completely razed - some question why

staceyflnative Jan 25, 2011 2:54 PM About 1 hour ago

Come on they did not need anything there for evidence they just wanted this house down, period. It is a shame that her personal belongings were not saved. Isnt she mad at all, I mean photos, Birth Certificate all her personal files or memories just tossed to the wind. True these are all material but I think this went way too far. They could of sent a robotic in and even sent a camera in the attic.

formeremployee Jan 25, 2011 3:10 PM About 2 minutes ago

I've never seen a crime scene literally demolished BEFORE being searched? Get past the horrible consequences of the day and nothing makes sense. Think about it? Instead of forcing out or incapacitating the occupants of the building (gas?) why would the entire home be bulldozed? Especially AFTER the building had been cleared? Something's fishy in St. Pete.

nocheapshots Jan 25, 2011 3:12 PM Less than a minute ago

Good Lord, the house owner had a restraining order against the cop killer and she also gets her house reduced to rubble by the city -- what the hell is going on around St. Pete? Sounds like the Third World.

Some who wrote in applauded the destruction of the home, like this person:

FDEMT77 Jan 25, 2011 12:52 PM About 3 hours ago

Policy (Opens in new window)

I like the message the police are sending, if you associate or house a fugitive and especially if he kills cops then we will bulldoze your house to get him. I think some people will think twice after seeing this.

The last place that I generally would ever look for insight is the comments section of the St. Pete Times generally. Actually, that's not fair. The level of racist comments against blacks, Arabs and Muslims is relatively low in the Times compared to what you'll see on any quasi-controversial story on the Tampa Tribune's TBO.Com.

Having said that, some very interesting remarks appeared today on the Times website after the St. Pete Police Department opted to demolish the site of Monday's incident in which two SPPD officers were shot and killed.

As of early Tuesday, police haven't said whether the fugitive whose body was found Monday afternoon, Hydra Lacy Jr., was killed by police gunfire or by his own hand.

St. Pete Police say that the house was not safe to search, so they opted to tear it down.  According to the Times, police spokesman Mike Puetz said, "The rubble will be spread out and examined at an off-site location." He admitted it wasn't the ideal way to search for evidence.

That would be an understatement.

The visuals of officers looking through that rubble for evidence were bewildering. Apparently I'm not the only person to be a bit surprised by this, though a colleague told me he saw it happen in Seattle after a similar incident.

Here's a flavor of some of the comments on the Times website:

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