Stage banter

Some of the more memorable quotes heard from the various stages of this year's CMJ Music Marathon.

"You guys on the sides, sitting at the tables — you need to stand up, because sitting is the enemy of rock." - Jason Forrest, mash-up artist

"'Where's the hammer?' We're the hammer. I thought you knew that." - Rye Coalition's Ralph Cuseglio

"We heard that since we're playing this festival, that means we're about to get signed. So I brought a Sharpie, and after we're done, anybody who wants to can come over and sign me." - Say Hi to Your Mom's Eric Elbogen

"This next song's called 'Long Way to Go.' It's got a lot of metaphors in it, so I hope you guys can fuckin' handle that."- Limbeck's Robb MacLean

"What's this? Oh, it's an acoustic guitar. I had something in my hands, and I didn't know what it was. But then I strummed it, and I figured out it was an acoustic guitar."- Limbeck's Robb MacLean

"All right, come on now. It's three minutes — not even three minutes, it's a short one. Can you get through one more song without it going to shit?"- Lucero's Ben Nichols (to Lucero guitarist Brian Venable)

"See my new tuner? It only weighs four ounces, and it clips right onto my guitar, and ... it doesn't work. And you don't care about my tuner. I'm not very good at this, talking between songs. I'm just trying to cover."- John Vanderslice

"Can we get some more of the drums in the monitors up here? Because, well, he's pretty good, and we're missing out."- Turing Machine's Justin Chearno to CBGB's soundman

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