Stanley Gloster: Gone but not forgotten candidate in Tampa City Council District 5 race

Gloster was also just one of less than a handful of the 20-something candidates running for city council this winter who was outspoken in his denunciation of any panhandling laws in Tampa.  He told CL this last week:

"I know this is probably the unpopular thing to say but it’s about doing what’s right, and what’s right is that we shouldn’t put ourself and try to say, ‘look at those people, those people are ..we need to ban them and get rid of them.’  What we need is to find solutions for these people, give them more job training that we can get from the state.” Gloster says of the ‘get rid of them all’ attitude that District 2 candidate Susan Long recently expressed at a candidates forum?” What does it solve?,” he asks.  “At the end of the day these people are still going to need help ,and if you move them off the main road , they move off into your neighborhood,  So now if you move them off from begging, now they’re going to move into  your neighborhood, and maybe into your house, and I know that’s something we don’t want."

Good luck, Stanley.  Maybe we'll see you back on the trail in four years time.

We've been holding off reporting on Tampa City Council candidate in District 5 Stanley Gloster's dropping out the race late on Monday, but we were hoping to get some comments from him before writing this post.

As originally reported by the Tampa Tribune Monday night, Gloster's check qualifying for the race to the Supervisor of Elections office bounced.  The Trib reports that Gloster said that he later came up with the scratch, but by then had opted to withdraw, feeling sad about the death of a close friend and the illness of a family member.

We can tell you that Gloster was obviously affected early last week when his friend passed away.  He had to delay an interview at our Ybor Square offices for a day because he said he was having a tough time coping.  We had interviewed him because of a feature in the new issue of CL (out late Wednesday) on the District 5 race, which also features Carrie West, Frank Reddick, Herald Lord and Lynette Tracee Judge.

Gloster is a 41-year-old Republican who said he he decided to go GOP after he turned 18 and reviewed both political parties histories when it came to civil rights for blacks.  One of his main concerns was the lack of adequate infrastructure in District 5, specifically in Ybor City past 22nd Street and points further East. 

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