Stephen Malkmus talks Pavement reissues/reunion in new Pitchfork interview

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In a new, thorough interview with Pitchfork, Stephen Malkmus talks about his memories of albums past and about the possibility of a Pavement reunion.

SM: Well, I don't think about it too much. It's sort of an out-of-sight, out-of-mind type thing. It's just standard question #10 on the interview circuit for Real Emotional Trash. It's almost as if it's a script. Most bands will tell you, make sure you like your press release, because everything is going to come off of that, and you know what's coming. That's part of the formula, so I usually just say "No, it's not happening." People say stuff about Pavement, and I say that I'm really honored and proud that a lot of people at the show are into Pavement, and there wouldn't be as many people there, we wouldn't have the dialogue, or play the same venues, frankly, if we were just a new band. So I'm happy about it. But I'm into the new thing.

Pitchfork: Do you think your bandmates in the Jicks ever feel weird about it?

SM: I think they're used to it at this point. Maybe for Janet it was a new thing. She was in Sleater-Kinney, and that's it own thing.

Pitchfork: Yeah, "When are Sleater-Kinney going to get back together again?

SM: Right. It had its own world, Sleater-Kinney world, with its own type of fans. In certain territories, like in Europe, it was more just looking at me— they don't care as much about any of us there. Times sorta changed faster there, musically, and they're like "Oh yeah, there's the Pavement guy," and they're not really reading up on it. The Jicks haven't really had as much of an impression in Europe as they have in America. Well, we've spent more time touring here, and Matador's maybe done a better job, or the music just connects more. In Europe we maybe don't have as many of these Americana signifiers, that's kinda become what European indie rockers seem to like more, like Lambchop or Calexico. That's seen as like, American, and we're kinda devoid of those signifiers, it's just rock music.

Pitchfork: Well, it seems American, but maybe in a less pastoral kind of way.

SM: Yeah, it's just not country. There's no southern or western imagery or something that seems to make Europeans go more crazy because they don't have it. But over there, it's more just looking at me, and it's more Stephen Malkmus and oh, there are those Jicks. Over here, everyone is watching the band, and it's been more of a successful transition. Certainly, Joanna is a great bass player and really cute, so she's gonna have her fans no matter what band she's in. She's gonna have some guys checking her out, probably. Janet's a great drummer.

Read the full interview here.

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