Study: the pill increases brain size

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already more developed in women, such as those areas linked with conversation, memory, verbal skills, and social skills. While the increased volume may very well correspond with improved function in behaviors women already excel at over men, like memory, this has yet to be tested.

The leading theory suggests that the change is due to the active ingredients in oral contraceptives: the hormones oestrogen or progesterone. However, researchers are still unsure how or why these hormones cause this increase, or if these areas shrink back to their original size once a woman stops taking the pill.

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A new study published in the scientific journal Brain Research found that oral contraceptives increase the size of specific areas of women's brains.

While the study only examined a small sample (14 men and 28 women), the results were conclusive. The women's brains were scanned at various times during a one month period to account for hormonal fluctuation. In the women using the pill, several areas of the brain were larger. The results were the same despite how long the women were on the pill or what brand they were using.

The growth occurred in regions of the brain that are

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