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Terri Schiavo lives, absolutely. My faith in her life is a result of, well, my faith. I believe her soul thrives because I'm a Christian. The only question is whether Schiavo and the heavenly hosts are laughing uproariously at the pathetic circus that infests Pinellas Park, where the flesh that once housed the woman resides in a hospice; or if she is crying angelic tears at the awful, awful perversion of Jesus' teachings that spews from loathsome preachers and Bushite politicians.

I'm writing this on Good Friday, and Schiavo's almost-corpse has been without nutrients for a week. That holy date hasn't escaped those who seek to slurp sustenance from Schiavo's husk. "Like Christ, she has been unjustly condemned to death by civil authority," hyperbolized Jerry Horn of Priests for Life. "The Passion of Christ is being lived out in Terri."

Please, Good God, shut these people up. Schiavo may have been many things (including brain dead for 15 years). But she isn't Jesus and the final demise of a few scraps of mindless flesh in Florida is not the Crucifixion. And when that inert body does assume room temperature, she isn't going to rise on the third day.

I'm sure Schiavo has been with her God since 1990, when heart failure deprived her brain of oxygen. X-ray scans reveal the parts of her brain that used to think have melted into mush. All that tethers her to this life are the ambitions of vicious parasites.

I am astounded that anyone takes these people seriously. George Bush, embracing what his sycophants dub the "culture of life," made a panicky rush (as in fear of missing a headline) from Texas to Washington, D.C., to sign the "save-Terri" bill. Has Bush ever rushed to meet the bodies of soldiers returning from Iraq? Nah. Did he weep for the tens of thousands of Iraqis who have died because of his lies? Nah. Did he show mercy for the 152 people who were executed while he was Texas governor? Nah.

It gets worse.

The Sort-of Rev. Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values coalition gushed on Good Friday about the "blessing that dear Terri's life is offering to the conservative Christian movement in America." You'll never guess what he was rapturous about. It was nothing less than…


How bad does it get? Rush to read Senior Editor and Spiritual Adviser John Sugg can be reached at 404-614-1241 or at [email protected].

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