Super PAC designed to end Super PACS now running radio ads for Alex Sink

  • Jonathan Soros is co-founder of Friends of Democracy

A Super PAC that was initially designed to "end all Super PACS" is making its presence felt in the CD13 race.

Saying that the campaign to replace Bill Young in Congress has become a "moratorium on how disgusted voters are with outside money," the D.C. Super PAC Friends of Democracy has bought airtime to run radio ads up until election Day in support of Alex Sink.

“Should Florida voters send Sink to Congress," says David Donnelly, director of Friends of Democracy, "they will be embracing the candidate with a solid reform platform and rejecting the candidate who was part of a system that puts lobbyists ahead of everyday people.”

Friends of Democracy was co-founded by Jonathan Soros, the son of financier George Soros.

You can listen to the ad here.

Friends of Democracy is a Super PAC created during the 2012 election season. Its stated mission is to demand support for transparency, lobbying reform, a stronger and more independent Federal Elections Commission and a clearer definition of what it means for a group backing a candidate to be truly independent.

Last week Sink released a set of proposals on campaign finance and lobbying rules. The proposals included having "clear, straightforward language and requirements that all lobbyists adhere to."

That particular proposal seemed directly aimed at David Jolly. Jolly has denied lobbying for issues like offshore drilling even though disclosure forms indicate otherwise. He has explained the discrepancy by saying he had a habit of "overcomplying" on such forms.

Here's the script of the ad that will be running:

Audio: [Male Narrator, conversational] Most people are proud when they do something good. When they accomplish something. Or help someone. But David Jolly says he’s proud … of being a Washington Lobbyist. David Jolly is proud of being exactly what’s wrong with Washington!

David Jolly was paid millions to influence Congress. And who did David Jolly lobby for? A special interest that wanted to risk Social Security in the stock market.

AARP says risking Social Security in the stock market would quote “eliminate the guarantee … and reduce benefits.” That’s what David Jolly is proud of?

Alex Sink is different — she’ll stand up to the special interests, crack down on lobbying, and protect Social Security.

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