Tampa Bay Rays, Paul Newman and the presidential debate

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Rays win division; Bucs beat Packers

Nothing takes the sting out of an economic meltdown like the soothing salve of professional sports.

The first debate

Thoughtful, full of substance and boring as watching paint dry.

33 pastors defy IRS ban on politicking in church

Spent Sunday in the pulpit reading from Malachi 4:2: "For the Lord so wanted mankind to find weapons of mass destruction that he slew innocent women and children to continueth the reign of the Right."

Citibank buys Wachovia

Damn, we're falling behind in keeping up with the bailouts.

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin — again

We'd suggest that they swap jobs, but as much as we'd like to spare the nation from Palin, we really don't want to take the chance on screwing up 30 Rock.

Paul Newman, 1925-2008

Our favorite movie was the one in which he played the salad dressing inventor.

McCain tied to gambling industry

Yet even he's smart enough not to bet on NFL games.

Springsteen to headline Super Bowl

Will perform an acoustic set of selections from Nebraska.

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