Tampa City Council: The Horse Race

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At the risk of offending community journalism advocates everywhere, here is how the Tampa City Council races shape up money-wise as of the latest financial reports, which trickled in late last week. I've calculated their cash on hand (COH) to give a truer picture of where they stand:

District 1
Rick Barcena — Raised $14,060, loaned himself $20,000, spent $11,411. COH $22,649
Randy Baron — Raised $5,420, loaned himself $8,000, spent $8,721. COH $4,699
Denise Chavez — Raised $1,200, spent nothing. COH $1,200
Julie Jenkins — Raised $17,059, spent $3,985 COH $13,074
Gwen Miller — Raised $33,505, loaned herself $400, spent $7,760 COH $26,145
Joe Redner — Loaned himself $5,000, spent $3,004 COH $1,996

(Analysis: Miller's fundraising has picked up, yet she is barely ahead of novice Rick Barcena in cash on hand; Redner says he's not going to spend much in this campaign, hoping to capitalize on the $150,000 of media he bought in the 2006 county commission  race; Baron and Chavez are not going to be competitive at this rate.)

District 2
Shawn Harrison — Raised $146,927, spent $62,633 COH $84,294
Mary Mulhern — Raised $9,850, spent $6,631 COH $3,219

(Analysis: Unless the newspapers or TV stations pick up on this race and gives Mulhern lots and lots of earned media, she doesn't have anywhere near enough money to let voters know she's even on the ballot.)

District 4
Julie Brown — Raised $103,215, spent $59,860 COH $43,355
Joseph Citro — Raised $7,700, spent $7,553 COH $147
John Dingfelder — Raised $101,816, spent $39,819 COH $61,997

(Analysis: Citro doesn't have enough cash for a decent dinner at Bern's; Brown is outraising the incumbent Dingfelder, but she's also spending heavily early, including a banner ad on the Buzz political blog.)

District 5
Lynette Judge — Raised $780, loaned herself $2,000, spent $2,152 COH $628
Frank Reddick — Raised $11,280, loaned himself $500, spent $6,898 COH $4,882
Thomas Scott — Raised $7,800, spent $1,899 COH $5,901

(Analysis: Reddick is the interim incumbent, but Scott doesn't have to spend a dime to win this race.)

District 6
Charlie Miranda — Raised $10,300, loaned himself $20,000, spent $5,771 COH $24,529
Lisa Tamargo — Raised $1,975, loaned herself $7,692, spent $8,771 COH $896

(Analysis: Miranda wins regardless of money, in which he has an advantage anyway.)

District 7
Joseph Caetano — Raised $50, loaned himself $8,000, spent $6,496 COH $1,554
Frank Margarella — Raised $10,925, loaned himself $2,000, spent $10,609 COH $2,316
Charles "White Chocolate" Perkins — let's just say he has $59 in the bank

(Analysis: Financial dead heat between the two serious candidates, but money doesn't really define who's ahead in this New Tampa district, where voter turnout is abysmal. Margarella is the establishment candidate and would seem to have the leg up. Plus, he actually raised some money vs. Caetano's lone $50 contribution)

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