Tampa wins trifecta — Most Caffeinated City, Least Addicted, Most Pain Killers!

Last year, when the we came in second to stinking Chicago in the HealthSaver Caffeine Survey, we knew we had work to do. Upsizing lattes just isn't enough anymore, especially when competing with perennial favorites like Seattle and Los Angeles.

But all that hard work, shaking hands and stained teeth has finally paid off. Tampa is NUMBER ONE! And in the spirit of all great competitors, we also, somehow, managed to convince the survey folks that we are Least Likely To Be Addicted To Caffeine. That's right, world, we can quit whenever we want. If we were quitters.

On a less fabulous note, we also managed to secure the top spot for Most Likely To Take Pain Relievers That Contain Caffeine. Huh. Maybe all the pressure of competition engendered a few too many stress migraines. Or maybe it's all that coffee.

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