Tampa's Deicide tops torture song list

Deicide — Fuck Your God

Our very own heroes of death metal, Deicide, our back in the news thanks to their song "Fuck Your God" topping the list of torture songs being used at Gitmo. How does the veteran Tampa band feel about their music being used as torture? From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

"If I was a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay and they blasted a load of music at me, I'd be like, ‘Is this all you got? Come on.' I certainly don't believe in torturing people, but I don't believe that playing loud music is torture either."

— Deicide drummer Steve Asheim, whose band's song "[Obscenity] Your God" is said to be interrogators' No. 1 hit.

I'm no big fan of death metal, especially the cracked-out Cookie Monster vocals favored by acts like Deicide. They make me nervous and irritable. Place me in a cold, dark room with "Fuck Your God" playing nonstop and I'd be telling interrogators my mother is a terrorist within the hour.  "Fuck Your God" sound/video clip after the jump.

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