The bachelor party question

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Like many people my age, when I think of the bachelorette and bachelor parties, I think of The Hangover. A crazy, insane, and amazing party is my kind of night. Although I would love to run around Las Vegas looking for strippers and cocaine, not everyone has that kind of cash, or the ability to avoid felony charges.

As chance would have it, a friend posted the question on her Facebook wall: "Will, or did, you have a bachelor/bachelorette party? Was it joint or separate?”

I wrote that I would love to have a day to pamper myself before a night of controlled debauchery with my closest gal pals. I know for a fact that I will be dressed the part in heels, anything pink and sparkly, and a tiara that reads, "I'm Getting Married"—I want to look like a walking holiday party. I do not think of this as my last night of freedom. The bachelorette party is just another way of celebrating my wedding, though with just my girlfriends.

I cannot say for sure what my future husband, Sr. Hopp, will be doing. It will probably be a version of my night out, minus the sparkles and pink tutu I hope. All I really know is that he will hopefully have an amazing time and end up a happy drunk in bed with me.

I was surprised by how many people who responded to the question seemed afraid of bachelor/bachelorette parties. Some wrote that they preferred to have their party together, or not at all. There is nothing wrong with this attitude, so long as the choice is not made out of fear. If you are so afraid of your future spouse getting drunk and hooking up with a stripper, then maybe you two are not ready for marriage. If you trust your partner you know he may do some things you would rather not witness firsthand, but he will also do nothing that will ruin your trust—even with a head-full of jello-shots. If you cannot trust your partner to cut loose one night, no amount of strippers and cocaine can equal the kind of trust issues you will soon have to deal with every night of your married life.

We are only 85 days away from the wedding. The cake has been ordered, the rings have been sized, and the invitations have been sent. About the only thing left on our checklist are the bachelorette and bachelor parties.

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