The Bee (Bhramara)

Name of Kama Sutra Position:  The Bee (Bhramara)

Position: The man takes hold of the womans feet, holding them into the air, while penetrating her “yoni”. The woman then begins to circle her hips, allowing the mans penis to circle deep inside. Th man can vary the depth by arching his back, giving her more room to pull him inside.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate position (1 as horrible, 10 as sexual nirvana)? 

In view of the man, I give it a 2... while the little lady gives it an 8 and a thumbs up.

Did you have difficulty getting into the position?  No, it is not the getting into the position that is going to get you... it is the staying in the position when you know that are similar, albeit better ones you could be doing (The lotus, wheel barrel, etc.)

Did you feel like a pretzel? Were you able to do the motions once in position?  There are no twists and turns of a pretzel and the motions are doable.

Any recommendations on getting either in or out of this position:  Well fellas, that is going to be your responsibility to talk your way out of this one once you start it. It actually allows the woman excellent G-spot manipulation which will put you in the dummy's seat (and I'm talking about like a John Holmes a blow up dummy). You really know you are in trouble when she starts to manipulate you like a mannequin and speak to you in the third person.

How long did you last in the position?  7 minutes, 34 seconds and a few milliseconds past. It was that bad that I was actually keeping track!

Enjoyment once you were in position (for the woman):  Yes, very enjoyable

Enjoyment once you were in position (for the man):  Hell No, not good... Not Good!

Short Answers:

Was the position comfortable? Were you able to relax?

Man:  No, this is definitely not a particularly comfortable position, holding her legs in the air. It gets a little tiresome in the shoulders and there is not enough pleasure going on to help you forget about that.

Woman:  Yes, she would say that it was moderately comfortable... but not relaxing. I G-spot orgasm was so intense that it gave her a calf cramp right after.

Would you consider this to be an intimate position (Why or why not)?  NO... as mentioned earlier... the man becomes somewhat of a sex doll and the woman has the tendency to phased him out and concentrated on her own pleasures... Kind of like what some men do I suppose. Did I just say that?

Are you achy or sore after the fact?

Man:  No

Woman:  No

What did the position feel like (both mentally and physically) in 50 words or less?  This position will probably leave the man wanting to grab her legs, pin them between her ears and screw her through the mattress pad! But at the same time, while she's wailing and moaning, you also feel like you owe it to her to do her thing and orgasm before doing that. Trust me... LET HER FINISH! Have you ever taken the bone away from a pitbull?

Did she reach orgasm?  …Yes... an amazing one.

Did he reach orgasm?  No, not during this particular position anyway.

Did it take longer than usual to reach orgasm?  No, she actually moved to an orgasm rather quickly.

Would you do this position again (why or why not)?  Sometimes we have to scrap dog doo doo off the heel of your boot to keep from spreading it over the carpet and getting yelled at... and sometimes you have to thoroughly cook a juicy steak before you can savor it and not die a slow painful death from mad cow disease... I think you get the point. If you don't, you're probably not married... and if you are married, you probably won't stay that way long without getting it.

Any suggestions to make the position more pleasurable: No, you will either love it or hate it...


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