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Cars To Avoid: The vehicle spotted traveling eastbound on 54th Avenue N. near Fourth Street N. in St. Petersburg driven by a skinhead waving a knife out the window. The police report failed to note if the man was yelling anything, but use your imagination.

Behind Door #2: When dog-sitting for friends, it's best to know which door leads to man's best friend and which door leads to an ass-whuppin'. After throwing back a few too many, a man and his friend went to check on some dogs at an apartment on 89th Avenue N. In their stupor, the men accidentally opened the wrong door, freaking out that apartment's unsuspecting occupant. When the startled man inquired what these strangers were doing in his home, one would-be dog walker reportedly responded, "I've been to prison I do what I want." This response proved unsatisfactory and a fistfight broke out between the three men. Two-on-one turned out to be no advantage at all, and the now-enraged renter bloodied the drunken men and held them for the cops.

A Casing Case: All storeowners love repeat business, but they like customers to actually buy something. The manager of a St. Petersburg 7-Eleven store noticed two men in hooded sweatshirts who were reappearing a little too often. One night in March, the two guys entered the store three times between the hours of 10 p.m. and 2:30 a.m., wandered around the store acting like they were shopping, only to leave each time empty-handed. The manager wisely called police, putting an end to the evening's window-shopping.

Not On Their Watch: A word to the person who called St. Pete Police to report a suspicious car at 34th Street S. We're sure you were disappointed when an officer arrived, located the vehicle, tried unsuccessfully to contact the owner and then departed leaving the abandoned vehicle as is. But cops don't do abandoned cars - that would be the Codes Compliance Assistance Division (CCAD). Somewhere, George Orwell is cracking a smile.

Carjacking With A Twist: A man reported he was carjacked by two gun-wielding assailants at Spruce Street and Habana Avenue in Tampa. Per the police report, the men put the victim in the trunk, picked up a friend and drove around for hours blasting music before abandoning the car in a field off MLK Blvd. The man escaped the trunk and called police, who responded and began to go over the car for clues. While the car was "processed," the victim told cops "he and his girlfriend were going to walk around looking for the keys to the vehicle." They then walked "directly" to the middle of an open field, where they picked up the keys and told police they had found them. Cops found this just a tad suspicious, and much backpedaling ensued. Taken From the files of S.P.P.D & T.P.D.

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