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Joe Bardi

SAFETY FIRST: A concerned citizen called Tampa police to report a drunk driver in the area of N. 50th Street and Broadway. An officer on patrol in the area located the car and observed, "The vehicle was unable to maintain or establish a single lane of travel ... then would cross the southbound lanes of travel and enter the northbound lanes ... traveling south." The officer fired up his emergency lights, but the driver of the suspect vehicle gave no indication that he knew the officer was there. The cop decided enough was enough when the suspect attempted to drive onto the Leroy Selmon Expressway by traveling the wrong way up an exit ramp, and pulled his cruiser around the vehicle forcing it to stop on the ramp. Despite repeated refusals to submit to a Breathalyzer test, the man was obviously drunk. So drunk, in fact, that the officer states in his report: "I did not request that he attempt a field sobriety test for his safety."

THE DEVIL'S IN THE DETAILS: If you're going to report a crime, please try and have some clue as to what happened. A woman driving on N. Florida Avenue in Tampa called police after "suddenly and without warning, an unknown object struck the front windshield" of her car. The officer reports that an "unknown suspect" threw an "unknown object" at the vehicle, resulting in "no injuries." The woman also stated she was unsure if there was another vehicle in the area.

GRUDGE MATCH: A Tampa man reported to police that on an October evening his friend came by to let him know that a neighbor had been pounding on his electric scooter with a baseball bat. The man went to the parking lot and found his "blue Merits electric scooter" damaged, the armrest control panel "shattered." The victim immediately called police and stated he wanted to press charges. Through interviews with witnesses police were able to ascertain that the suspect and the victim had has a dispute two weeks earlier. On the night of the vehicular beatdown, the suspect asked some men playing dominos who the scooter on the sidewalk belonged to. After they told him, the suspect left the scene only to return moments later with an aluminum baseball bat and an itch to swing away. The suspect claims the victim attempted to run over his foot with the scooter during their previous altercation. Apparently, two weeks is a little too long a gap to justify a self-defense claim, and the suspect was taken into custody.

From the files of the T.P.D.

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