The Blotter

WILD RIDE: A husband and wife were traveling north on Dale Mabry Highway in Tampa, the man talking on his cell phone. During the conversation, the husband told the caller that he was "with a friend." This characterization angered the wife, who yelled at and proceeded to pummel her husband. The husband pulled off the road and into a gas station, where he told his wife, "If you're going to hit me, hit me while I'm stopped and not while I'm driving." Per the report, "He then proceeded north on Dale Mabry at which time the [wife] started to kick him in the head and face area." In self-defense, the man snatched his wife's shoe from her foot and dangled it out the window, telling her to stop or he would drop it. After another shot to the head, the husband chucked the footwear, pulled over and subdued his wife until a passing officer noticed the altercation and intervened.

FORE! A resident who wanted to be paid for some completed maintenance work approached a Tampa apartment complex manager and his girlfriend. The manager explained that he would pay, but first he had to deduct money for the electric bill. (The tenant, who had been without electricity for three months, had been allowed by the manager to run an extension cord from another apartment.) An argument ensued, the tenant stating, "I'm gonna get my money one way or another," and the manager responding by pulling the plug on the free juice. The tenant then went crazy, attacking the manager with a golf club while the manager's girlfriend screamed in horror. The manager escaped inside, at which point the tenant "turned his attention toward [the] girlfriend and started chasing her with the golf club ... around the cars in the parking lot." The manager and another resident tackled the man and de-clubbed him. The tenant then "went upstairs to his apartment and came back down holding a hammer," made some threats, but returned to his apartment before anyone got nailed. When interviewed by police, the man said he "just got so angry he flipped out."

CUTTING CLASS: A fourth-grade girl at Tampa Bay Elementary School got up to investigate a noise in the hallway. When instructed by the teacher to sit down and continue working, the child instead picked up a chair and tossed it into the garbage can. After grabbing her bag and storming out of the classroom with the teacher in pursuit, the girl continued her tantrum in the hallway by tearing down student artwork displayed on the walls. When told by the teacher to stop, the girl instead reached into her bag, pulled out a pair of scissors and attempted to stab the teacher. An assistant came to the teacher's aid and the girl was subdued with no injuries. At least there was no running.

From the files of the T.P.D.

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