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Bizarre crimes from Tampa police reports

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REPO MAN: The life of a repo man is fraught with peril. In addition to looking out for the owner of the target vehicle (who's probably going to be pissed off when his car is towed from his driveway), the conscientious repo man must also watch out for more garden-variety dangers. You know, like a guy in his mid-30s carrying a big knife. The repo-man victim in this case was looking for a car that was to be repossessed in the area of Clifton Street and Mulberry Drive in Tampa. While stopped at that intersection, the knife-wielding gentleman approached, and per the report "forced [the repo man] out of his vehicle, made him take off his pants and shoes, and then took off in his vehicle." The de-pantsed victim was not harmed in the incident.

WELCOME TO TAMPA: An Alabama man in Tampa on business received a rude introduction to our fair city. After having lunch at Oyster Catchers at the Hyatt West Shore, the man returned to his rental car and found that it had been broken into. Per the report, the missing property included: "Approximately $5000.00 in cash, two Sony laptop computers and a Treo sprint cell phone ... [and] other important paper and miscellaneous property." In all, over $17,000 worth of material and cash had been taken. Attempts to track the GPS signal in the cell phone have been unsuccessful. The report is unclear as to whether or not this is a reimbursable expense for the businessman.

THEFT FROM ABOVE: You can lock the doors and bar the windows, but if someone wants to rip you off badly enough, chances are they'll find away. Silk Creations and Assurance Spray Equipment, two businesses on Hubbert Avenue in Tampa, found this out the hard way in February. Per the report: "Unknown suspects climbed up the exterior of the building using the electrical cables. Once on the roof of the building, the suspect(s) entered the businesses by breaking the skylight and climbing down a rope." As of the writing of the incident log, it was unknown exactly how much property had been taken in the robbery.

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