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Bizarre crimes from Tampa police files

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THAT'S USING YOUR HEAD PT. 1: I've never been mugged, a streak that I hope to continue indefinitely. I've thought about it, though: the personal violation, the theft of cash and property, and loss of the always-a-pain-in-the-ass-to-replace driver's license. Sometimes, when I'm imagining being mugged (I have a lot of free time), I wonder what would happen if I asked the mugger for my ID and wallet back? After all, they have no value, and the mugger is just going to throw them away anyway. One unlucky man lived my daydream when he and a friend encountered two thieves (one of them armed with a gun) shortly after leaving Club Fuel in Tampa. The suspects ordered the men "to give it up." "It" included cash, IDs, a cell phone and two gold necklaces with "religious figures worth $700 & $500 each." The report continues: "Prior to fleeing the scene Victim #1 requested his ID to be returned, this caused Suspect #1 to hit the victim in the back of his head with the handgun causing a 2 inch cut." The gash required stitches, which makes waiting in line at the DMV seem not so bad after all.

THAT'S USING YOUR HEAD PT. 2: Two officers escorting several bail bondsmen on an attempted pick-up of a fugitive made contact with the suspect near Nome Street in Tampa. Before the cops could slap on the cuffs, however, the suspect fled the scene with the officers and bail bondsmen in pursuit. The resulting foot chase came to an end when the suspect "was apprehended upon Taser deployment" by one of the officers and one of the bondsmen. (The man was also pepper-sprayed by another of the bondsmen.) Subsequent to his arrest, the suspect was found to be in possession of: a loaded .38-caliber "Taurus revolver" which had been reported stolen in Hillsborough County in July, 19 grams of crack cocaine, 7.6 grams of marijuana and $2,118 in cash. Also post-arrest, the suspect was transported to St. Joseph's Hospital, for "removal of a Taser prong that was in the ... right side of his head." Shocking.

From the files of the T.P.D.

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