The Blotter

PICTURE THIS: A security officer at Busch Gardens reports "that he spoke with a guest who had left her camera in one of the gift shops." The woman rushed back to the shop when she realized what she had done, but was told by the staff that other guests had claimed the camera. After a quick search of the park, security was able to track down the guests in question — a 12-year-old girl and her father. Both father and daughter claimed the camera had been returned to the store, stating "the female put it back somewhere in the gift shop." Satisfied with this non-specific explanation, this security officer "left those individuals so that they could go on Sheikra." Unfortunately, a search of the gift shop turned up nothing, security was unable to re-locate the girl and her dad, and the camera was not found.

YOU'RE GETTING SLEEPY: A shopper approached an officer sitting in the parking lot of the Kash n' Karry store at 50th Street and 10th Avenue in Tampa. The man stated that he had been shopping at this very store three months ago when "he picked up a female in the ... parking lot." The man took the woman to his apartment, where "they cooked a pot roast." This was apparently not a euphemism; the man became very tired while eating the roast, eventually passing out from 2:30 p.m. to around 7. When he awoke, "the female was gone and so was his wallet." The guy told the cop "that he knows for sure that the female drugged him," but didn't report the crime because he didn't know her name. However, she did happen to be sitting on the curb, right over there! The officer questioned the woman, but due to a lack of evidence (the wallet was obviously nowhere in sight) she was not detained.

SAY 'AHHH': An officer pulled over a car in Tampa because of an "equipment violation (tag light burned out)." The driver stated that "he didn't have his license because it was suspended," was placed under arrest for driving without a license and then searched by the officer. When asked to open his mouth, the prisoner "began to shift an object in his mouth. As if to swallow it." When the guy finally opened up, the officer "clearly recognized a marijuana blunt inside his mouth." The man spit the blunt onto the trunk of his car as instructed and told the officer "he had put the marijuana blunt in his mouth hoping that [the officer] would not notice it. He said it was a really stupid decision, and asked for something to wash his mouth out with because the marijuana tasted terrible."

From the files of the T.P.D.

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