The Blotter

SUPER-CRIMINALS: If you're planning to break the law, please try and think the crime out ahead of time. There is always a chance that you may encounter the police, and a little planning can go a long way toward avoiding lengthy prison stays. The men who attempted to shoplift from the Best Buy on Dale Mabry Highway in Tampa would have been wise to follow this advice. After they were nabbed by store security and turned over to police, the men were asked to empty their pockets. One of the men produced a pill bottle that contained 82 pills, some of which were white (valium) and some blue (Diazepam). The other defendant produced a pill bottle with 24 Xanax in it. Neither man had a prescription, but they both now have lawyers.

FLU SHOTS: A Tampa couple was in bed battling the flu when the husband heard the sound of glass breaking in the room. He turned his attention to the window and realized that the glass had noticeable holes in it. The husband decided to let the dog out to investigate, and as he did he heard the same noises of glass breaking. Now alarmed, the man called 911 and reported that someone was shooting at his window. Police arrived and, after a quick investigation, determined that the assassin was actually the neighbor's kid showing off his new BB gun for a friend from school. The boys (noticeably scared by the cops) claimed to have been trying to hit a post on the couple's screened-in swimming pool, and stated they had no idea they were shooting out a window instead. Another vice-president-in-training.

LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOR... Officers responded to a report of a disturbance involving a knife at an apartment building on India Avenue in Tampa. As the cops pulled up to the scene, they could see a man on a second-floor landing "holding a steak knife in his right hand and pointing the knife in a jabbing motion at the victim," who turned out to be the man's neighbor. One of the officers pointed his gun at the man with the knife and ordered him to drop it, which he eventually did. What major dispute had provoked one neighbor to attempt to stab another? Apparently, the victim had allowed a TV stand that sat on a shared landing to "partially" move to the neighbor's side. Not too sharp, Knife Guy.

From the files of the T.P.D.

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