The Curving Knot

Position: The Curving Knot

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 is horrible and 10 is sexual nirvana):

IÕd give it a 5, because while I wouldnÕt call it a great position, it was quite entertaining and "therapeutic" to try to negotiate.

Difficulty of getting into position:

If youÕve spent the last five years predominantly in either standing, lying or seated positions, you will probably have difficulties getting into this one. But on a positive note: It is really just the legs, arms and entire portion of your upper torso that get in the way of execution by any major significance!

How long did you last in the position?

Why, I almost lasted all the way to the emergency room, but my partnerÕs legs, arms and torso once again got in the way of proper (driving) execution. OK, OK, truth be told É I never even got started. My mind was on other things, like how I was going to get out of the position!

Enjoyment once you were both in position, for the woman:

It was good for a few laughs.

Enjoyment once you were both in position, for the man:


Short Answers:

Was it relaxing?

Man: NoÉ

Woman: NO!

Did you feel like a pretzel?

Felt more like a two-headed puppet being worked by a 5-foot corkscrew in our rear! In other words, very little room for any motions other than bobbling and sliding back and forth.

Would this be considered an intimate position? Why or why not?

I would most definitely call it an intimate position. You have to coordinate and work with each other's "private utensils" in order to get yourselves safely into position. It is an intimate exercise of working together as a team with the common goal of sexual satisfaction.

Are you aching or sore?

Man: No.

Woman: My rear end had a little rug burn on it.

What did it feel like? (50 words or less):

It felt to me like really good foreplay. It was rather visually appealing to see your partner sprawled out in such a vulnerable and exposed position, but frustrating to not be in any position (literally) to do that much about it. Hence the word "foreplay" rather than "sex-play."

Did she reach orgasm?


Did he reach orgasm?


Did it take longer than usual to reach orgasm?


Would you do this position again?

Looking back over the adventure, I definitely wood (pun intended) be game for a second try! I think with a little practice and creativity this could become a rather mutually agreeable position, mostly because it equally involves both parties during execution, which is a very rare situation to find É in any book!

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