The desires of the other woman

I think we have all heard of the 10th commandment (or this close rendering):  You shall not covet your neighbor's house; you shall not covet your neighbor's wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor's.  But the fact is most of us strongly desire what our neighbor's have and many of us actually take it as well when it involves sex.

This theory is not soley related to men.  Women are out there coveting your husbands daily.  Some of these women are already married and others are single.  Many will call these women homewreckers, but in reality the homewrecker is the man himself acting outside the bounds of his marital rules.

Why do women crave married men?  It's not as cut and dry as you might believe.  Married men posses a variety of qualities you will never find in a single stud. 

Some men just seem unattainable.  It's no secret that women like to play games.  Chasing after a man that seems to be impossible to catch is a challenge and even more attractive. We chase, we catch, and we release.

Married men may carry baggage, but it will never be her baggage.  Married men are generally looking for a no strings attached hook-up or maybe even a no strings relationship.  For a woman just seeking a part-time lover, the married man is the perfect fit.  She won't have to have sleep overs (center of the bed is always hers).  She won't have to buy him any gifts (how does he explain that to his wife).   She will still get vacations with him and paid for by him (surely he will travel for work and that time is all hers).  He probably won't ever piss her off because she holds all the cards.

Married men desire sexual attention. And since they are most likely lacking sex in their own marriage these men will be extra grateful for the attention they receive and still giving back ten fold.  Score again!

In reality women who seek out married men aren't homewreckers at all, but really doing a great favor to all those married women who don't want to fuck their husbands anyway!

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Today I heard about another married man cheating on his wife.  He tells me that he loves his wife, but their sex life is virtually non-existent. This is seems to be a common thread: married man cheats on wife...blah blah.  Don't you ever wonder what about the other woman?  Why is there such a strong attraction to those who are taken?

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