The endless cycle of creating and deleting my A4A profile

I always create my profiles for the same reasons. It is 4 a.m.  and I am unbearably lonely. I want to connect. I have romantic notions about that one peculiar random person that just may be online at the right time and the right place. He will see my profile and I will see his. We will fall in love. We will delete our profiles. We will live happily ever after. Except what usually actually happens is I get horny and hook up with someone that I end up never talking to again.

I always delete my profiles for the same reasons. My ego shudders at the thought of someone approaching me in a club and referring to me as my profile name. In a distorted sense of superiority, I wish to not be like THOSE gay guys that have A4A profiles. Plus, I find myself compulsively checking the email 8,000 times a day and feeling bad about myself when no one writes. And so I delete my profile and vow to NEVER MAKE ONE AGAIN.

I know a lot of other gay guys that do this. It’s time to end the cycle. There comes a time in a gay man’s life where you have to decide either you are going to be on Adam4Adam or you’re not. I’ve reached the point in my gay life where I have to decide which side of the fence I’m gonna sit on. I’ve reached Manopause.

After all is said and done, I’ll probably delete my profile in two weeks.  Until then you can find me as RiotboyFL on Adam4Adam.

Scientific fact: Women aren’t the only ones cursed with evil cycles. As a male, I must admit I’m  thankful that I don’t have to stick a tampon in my cootch once a month. I also feel empathetic to my sistas who must withstand awful hot flashes and sweats in their forties. But as a gay male, I find myself prone to another cycle, one that has cursed me since the late 1990s. For me it’s a six-month cycle that seems unfaltering. I call it Manstruation.

Manstruation is the cycle where gay men create dating profiles, delete them, create them, delete them, and create them again. I’ve had more Internet chat profiles than I’ve had cars, birthdays, apartments, and boyfriends...combined...times 10.

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