The Gaily News: New book alleges Gandhi had male lover, support group launches magazine for gay troops, scientists study sexual preference in mice

An underground support group for gay and lesbian members of the military has launched a new magazine for them. The group hopes the publication, OutServe, will help spread awareness of the contributions of gay troops. Meanwhile, gay advocates are urging the Obama administration for an immediate repeal of "don't ask, don't tell." The administration plans to to keep the policy in place until the Pentagon can guarantee it won't negatively affect combat readiness.

Chinese researchers have identified a brain chemical that controls sexual preference in mice. They found that male mice lose their preference for females when they have lower levels of serotonin, and become equally interested in both male and female partners. When the serotonin was replaced, the male mice preferred females to males.

Was Gandhi gay? A new book about his life alleges that Gandhi left his wife for a man — Hermann Kallenbach, a German architect and bodybuilder. The couple reportedly lived together for two years in South Africa, before separating in 1914, though they kept in touch writing letters and professing their undying love.

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