The Gaily News: Pakistan cracks down on text messaging

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Meanwhile, over in Russia, St. Petersburg lawmakers have tentatively passed legislation making it illegal to be openly gay or lesbian. The bill imposes fines on individuals who publicly profess their sexual orientations and organizations engaged in "public activities to promote sodomy, lesbianism, bisexualism, and transsexuality" that might be observed by children.

Pay up or else. That's the message Marcus Bachmann has for a gay activist who went undercover at the counseling clinic run by the husband of GOP presidential hopeful Michelle Bachmann this past summer. John Becker, from the group "Truth Wins Out," discovered the clinic performs "ex-gay" therapy and surreptitiously took video while posing as a potential client. Marcus Bachmann said if Becker doesn't fork over the cash for his $150 counseling bill, he'll turn the matter over to a collection agency.

Pakistan, a country that has blocked Facebook and banned YouTube over the past few years, is now cracking down on text messaging. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority compiled a list of approximately 1,600 words deemed pornographic or offensive to Islam. The list of banned words is heavy with LGBT-related terms, including gay, lesbian, fairy, anal sex and more.

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