The Gaily News: The latest Charlie Crist gay rumor

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Documents from the case ? e-mail exchanges between the men's attorneys ? allege that Crist engaged in gay affairs that he had his security detail cover up and paid two men to leave the state in an effort to hide his sexual orientation. These documents also allege Crist made a move on Greer, attempting to kiss him, while the two were on a trip in Beverly Hills.

In one of the e-mails to Crist's lawyer, John Morgan of Morgan and Morgan, Damon Chase, Greer's attorney, said that if he was to depose Crist under oath these and other embarrassing tidbits of information would be made public. Morgan says the extortion effort to dissuade Crist from testifying against Greer should be considered witness tampering. He added that even if his client is gay, Crist would have to be "a sick S.O.B. to try to kiss Porky the Pig," referring to Greer's portly stature. Crist has also called the allegations "delusional lies."

A new poll shows that Floridians are just about evenly split on legalizing gay marriage. The Public Policy Polling poll, which skews Democrat, indicates that Florida could be warming to allowing same-sex marriage in the state, where it's currently banned. According to the results, 45% are against gay marriage being legalized, while 42% think it should be legalized. In a similar poll from October, 48% were against same-sex marriage and only 37% were for it.

In a recent PBS interview with Charlie Rose, Jeb Bush didn't back down from his conservative belief that traditional marriage is between a man and a woman. But his views certainly seem a bit more evolved than those of his father and older brother. The former Florida governor said "traditional marriage is what should be sanctioned," but "not at the expense of discriminating other forms of family structure."

Bush told Rose: "I don?t think people need to be discriminated against because they don?t share my belief on this, and if people love their children with all their heart and soul and that?s what they do and that?s how they organize their life that should be held up as examples for others to follow because we need it. We desperately need it and that can take all sorts of forms, it doesn?t have to take the one that I think should be sanctioned under the law."

Not that anyone will be surprised, but yet another Charlie Crist gay rumor is making the rounds.

Rumors are again swirling about the sexuality of the former Florida governor, as the July 30 trial date of Jim Greer, the former Florida Republican Party chairman charged with fraud and money laundering for paying himself to raise money for the party, approaches. Crist is a key witness for the prosecution.

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