The Green Community week in review: Gulf seafood testing, Florida's threatened black bear population, COP16 'head in the sand' protest and more

[image-1]- Three professors from USF's Marine Science department explained about the oil circulation pattern, the sea life death toll and where all of the oil may have gone to.

Cut out the "dumb," wasteful consumption and get a chance to win a smart car (video) - How can we, as smart puts it, "take the junk out of our collective trunk"? By being smart and having the right stuff, the stuff we need over the stuff we want.

EarthTalk: Are the world’s amphibians still in decline and what’s being done to help them? - A recently updated worldwide population assessment by the non-profit International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) found that 32 percent of the 6,000-plus amphibian species left on the planet have declined to dangerously low levels—and qualify for vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered status on the group’s “Red List” of at-risk wildlife.

Help The Nature Conservancy protect the Florida black bear's shrinking habitat - The Nature Conservancy is currently working to protect 631 acres of land in Central Florida in hopes of saving the state's dwindling population of black bears and they need our help to make it happen.

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What’s the buzz on the latest issues in the Green Community? Check out what you may have missed last week:

EarthTalk: China surpassed U.S. carbon emissions, producing 17% of total world carbon dioxide output - China passed the U.S. as the world’s leading greenhouse gas emitter back in 2006 and today produces some 17 percent of the world’s total carbon dioxide output. According to the China Daily news service, air and water pollution, combined with widespread use of food additives and pesticides, make cancer the top killer in China.

Creative reuse ideas for old phone books - After you get the updated version of your local phone book, you don’t have to throw the old one away. Check out these alternate uses.

'Head in the sand' protest at COP16 UN climate change conference in Cancun (video) - Before the summit ended, 24 Sierra Club volunteers, with help from's Bill McKibben and a man in a polar bear costume from the Center for Biological diversity, held their own demonstration on a Cancun beach "showing the delegates from participating countries burying their heads in the sand."

Holiday wrapping paper (and many other plastics) could be recycled using new technology - Researchers at the University of Warwick have found a new method of recycling plastics that can break down complex plastic polymers, including those in household plastics and holiday wrapping paper.

Are Gulf Coast residents consuming more oil spill-related toxins, and how safe is dispersant for consumption? - The NRDC has just released their independent study and found that Gulf Coast residents consume 3.6-12.1 times as much seafood as the national average.

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