The Green Community week in review: Help the Ocean Conservancy clean up our coastline, review of Collapse, a comedian in Copenhagen, and more

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Participate in the 10th Annual Hillsborough River Boat Parade - This community tradition is sponsored by the volunteers of Friends of the River and is open to anyone with a boat, whether you have a canoe, kayak, or any type of power boat.

Commentative poetry of the times - Here are some poems that ring true for the current times by American poet Louis Daniel Brodsky.

The latest news from the Copenhagen climate talks (video) - With only a few days left at the United Nations Climate Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, it looks like there's been a lot of talking...but not much action. Little action, that is, concerning agreements over curbing carbon emissions.

Solutions to make the holidays more environmentally friendly - Have a sustainable holiday season!

Leave it to the US to have a comedian represent us in Copenhagen - Watch these videos of Eugene harass protesters in the streets of Copenhagen and his hilarious attempts at journalism - at least to give yourself a chuckle today.

Collapse: Prophecy of our economy's impending doom? - Collapse is a fantastic film that encapsulates the driving dark skeletons of our economy and shows how they combine to undertake our society.

Alcoholic monkeys in the Caribbean mimic human drinking habits - These days, the mischievous primates are sating their thirst for the good stuff by stealing from tourists and raiding local bars. Funny thing is, studies of the monkeys drinking habits have given researchers insight in our own patterns of boozing.

Don’t forget to check out our Green Community Calendar for green events and workshops in the Bay Area!

What’s the buzz on the latest issues in the Green Community? Check out what you may have missed this last week:

Catch the screening of Fresh and get a new outlook on what you're eating - We all eat. Be thoughtful about what you eat by attending the movie "Fresh: New Thinking About What We're Eating". It may change your life about what and how you eat.

Love tourists, not drilling: Stop near shore drilling off Florida's coast - If you care about our beaches and wish to protect Florida’s coast from near shore drilling, please learn more about what is being planned for February 13, 2010.

Going green by living blue: Help the Ocean Conservancy clean up our coastline - Saturday, December 19 is a chance to get out and enjoy our beautiful Florida beaches at Blackthorn Park in St. Pete and Riverside Park in Palmetto, where you can join the Ocean Conservancy to help clean up trash, fishing nets, and other dangerous trash from our coastline.

Aspenware: Environmentally friendly, biodegradable wooden cutlery - Besides being extremely environmentally friendly, Aspenware would be a unique addition to your tableware. Why not get some for your next picnic or 'Zero Waste' dinner party?

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