The Green Community week in review: Shrooms replacing Styrofoam, Apple & Intel go "conflict-free", health benefits of honey and more

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[image-1] - The EcoCradle™ foam is not only biodegradable, it's also fire and waterproof and, unlike Styrofoam, it doesn't require the use of petroleum (a.k.a.: oil) to manufacture it. It's also as inexpensive as Styrofoam but uses far less resources to produce it.

PETA's Dan Matthews takes on Jim Norman's bill that would ban animal videos - Matthews believes farms and slaughterhouses need mandatory video surveillance. Without the footage, animal cruelty and employee turnover rates will sky rocket. "We've gone in there not to just obtain an image, but to obtain evidence, " he told the crowd.

Do urban trees really help reduce pollution and clean the air? - Researchers have found that city trees do indeed perform important environmental functions like soaking up ground-level pollutants and storing carbon dioxide, which helps offset global warming.

Glenn Beck's environmental greatest hits (video) - Schenkel writes, "You may think he’s full of bunk, to steal one of his terms, or you may love him. But when his show is no longer part of every day life in America, there will certainly be something missing. I’ll let you decide what that something is."

Earth Talk: The human right to clean and fresh water - A 2009 World Health Organization and UNICEF study found that 24,000 children in developing countries die each day (one every three-and-a-half seconds) from preventable causes like diarrhea resulting from polluted water.

Honey: Is it the bee's knees of miracle foods? - This golden liquid isn’t just tasty, it is testimonial to nature's healing powers. With a single spoonful of honey, think of all the difference you could make. If not, it’s still a sweet treat!

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What’s the buzz on the latest issues in the Green Community? Check out what you may have missed last week:

EarthTalk: Can Japan do without nuclear energy? - Japan would be hard pressed to close all of its 54 nuclear reactors anytime soon, especially given that these plants provide over a third of the nation’s electricity supply and 11 percent of its total energy needs.

Explore the Nature's Classroom outdoor "learning laboratory" at 'Woods, Water, and Wildlife' open house event: Sat.-Sun., April 9-10 - The event will feature nature art displays, live music, children's activities, animal handling, food, art and crafts, and a variety of environmentally focused exhibits and events geared toward all ages. Visitors will even be able to tour the animal compound and native plant garden.

DIY Green: Use a citrus rind as a seedling planter - Forget buying seedling starter containers and use some of the abundant citrus fruit we have here in Florida.

Law requires companies to disclose the purchase of conflict materials from the Congo; Apple and Intel vow to be "conflict-free" - Apple and Intel have recently joined the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition’s (EICC) Conflict-Free Smelter program to support the signing of the act. The EICC requires that companies who sign their code must prove that they do not purchase minerals or any product from the Congo or conflict areas.

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