The guy I’m in love with is married

The Amandas dish out some adcvice.

Dear Amandas,
The guy I feel like I’m in love with, more than any guy I’ve loved before, is married. Keeps coming back to me, but married just the same. I miss him. And know what the right thing to do is- I just don’t wanna.

Mean Amanda
Get yourself some Kleenex, Mean Amanda is probably going to make you sniffle…
Wa wa waaaaaa… Do people seriously still have these kinds of problems?! Were there not enough 90’s movies on this topic to convince you that you would end up cooking bunnies or end up at the bottom of a lake because of shit like this?! I can’t STAND people who say “I know what the right thing to do is … but…” … that should always be followed by, “… but I’m a fucking moron who doesn’t want to face the fact that he’s just using me for sex and even if he were to leave his wife (which, heads up, he never will) he would just do the exact same thing to me.” Sure, it’s a bit lengthier than, “I don’t wanna” but it certainly makes you look a hell of a lot less stupid. Stop already, dig around for your self respect and realize that, believe it or not, there are non-married men, and they probably think you’re fabulous… well they would if you weren’t currently fucking a married guy…

Nice Amanda
This reminds me of one of my very favorite romantic comedies, When Harry Met Sally. If you have never seen it (and who hasn’t, I mean, really?! It’s a classic), there is a side-story in the movie where Sally’s best friend, the girl who played Princess Leia, is seeing a married man. Sally continually tells her friend, “He is never going to leave her.” That Rob Reiner, he knows his stuff, because the truth is, that married man never did leave his wife, at least not in the 96 minutes of Billy Crystal/Meg Ryan love-fest that is this movie.
You are allowed to miss him and to cry and to be sad, but the bottom line is that marriage is sacred and you need to respect his, even if he can’t. Be the bigger person, walk away from him with dignity and grace, take some time for yourself, go rent When Harry Met Sally and remember that you are worth so much more than this and soon an amazing, SINGLE man will realize that too!

Mean Amanda and Nice Amanda have the same name, which is neat. They’re also both 20-something single women living in Tampa Bay who know the score. That’s where the similarities end.Mean Amanda likes watching people hurt themselves and using her oven for clothing storage. Nice Amanda likes watching the OC and baking chocolate chip cookies for your birthday.

Mean Amanda and Nice Amanda have an advice blog and want to hear from you! Send your questions, comments or cries for help to [email protected]


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