The Jesus Lizard to reunite! Briefly...

This just in from Touch and Go Records:The Jesus Lizard will reunite for "a very limited series of live dates in 2009." The original line-up will first play the All Tomorrow's Parties fest in England in May 2009 and will then head back to the states for shows which have yet to be announced. If you saw The Jesus Lizard at any point between 1989 and 1999, then I do not to explain the insanity and intensity of their live show. If you have not seen them, please read on (I'll try to keep it clean, for the kids...).

The band's rhythm section redefined "tight". The thundering bass punctuated with dizzying runs in perfect lock-step with the uber-methodical and driving drums laid the ground work. The guitar cut through you like a rusty knife, blending punk and jazz like no one else had (or ever will, for that matter). The music, though, was merely a canvass for singer David Yow to lay waste to the audience with. He prowled the stage, antagonizing the crowd. He spit in their mouths. He dry humped the faces of those against the stage. He got naked, a lot. I won't even explain what the "tight and shiny" is, but you can probably figure it out. He would leap out into the crowd with an extra long mic cable and sing from the floor while rolling around doing god knows what to some poor dude who thought he was far enough back to avoid the mayhem. I have personally held David Yow in my arms while he was fully naked, covered in sweat, still singing. I had a girlfriend break up with me because I took her to a Jesus Lizard show. She got kicked in the head by Yow.

I probably haven't sold everyone on this band as they aren't for everyone (ask the aforementioned ex-girlfriend). I do ask that if you are a bit curious, please check them out. If you are so inclined to see what will be one of the most intense shows of your life, I implore you to try and catch them next year.

The Jesus Lizard - Gladiator (live at CBGB's 12/31/1997)

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